For Coaches

header4Coaching Seminars:

Coaching seminars are for organizations that want to provide their coaches the necessary skills to help athletes truly understand the game. These seminars teach coaches different fundamental drills, techniques, and way of teaching the game of softball. There will be demonstrations, question and answer sessions, as well as take home guides for coaches. These coaching seminars can help coaches of any level. (minimum of 10 coaches)
Duration: 1.5 hours

Recruiting Seminars for Coaches:

Use this seminar to learn how to get your athletes recruited. Included in this seminar will be information on the NCAA recruiting calendar. Also, coaches will learn how to talk to collegiate coaches during tournaments and high school games. It is our goal to help coaches provide a competitive advantage to their athletes. This involves ways in which college coaches will remember your team and athlete’s names. Everyone is here to help their athletes get to the next level and this seminar is a great next step to making that happen (minimum of 10 coaches)
Duration: 1.5 hours