Starting 2018 the RIGHT WAY!

Welcome back!!

We are geared up for the 2018 season of T2 Softball! We now have 4 teams (10, 12, 14, and 16/18) and are excited to get them going! The facility has undergone a couple changes with goal sheets hanging and soon to be trophies hung! We are so proud of 2017… we welcomed our little mascot Noah, saw the facility and teams thrive, and have set our sights on bigger adventures for T2.

We have a great group of coaches who are committing their time to taking your daughters to the next level… WOW do they dedicate a lot of time! It makes me so so proud! Director Shaina is pregnant again, with another BOY, due May 2! How exciting to add another mascot to the family!! We can’t wait!

Lastly, to all of the sweet athletes who have embraced T2… came to workouts, lessons, speed and agility excited to get better- we can’t wait to see where 2018 takes you. The sky is the limit if you just believe and work!

Ill leave you with this- we are excited to serve the community by being a place where your daughters can thrive…. realize their potential..and chase their dreams! CHEERS TO T2 in 2018!!




6 months later!!

WOW!!! What an amazing 6 months it has been since we opened the T2 Softball Facility. In those 6 months, we have welcomed hundreds of athletes in and out of the facility, finished a 12U season, saw the start of the 14U and 16U season, announced the addition of a 10U team, had an athlete win Player of the Year, had a coach win Coach of the Year, had an 3 athletes win two different state championships, we saw many first time homerun hitters, we have 7 dedicated instructors/coaches on staff to help in the development of our athletes, we have a strength and agility program that is ran with enthusiasm and excitement, our brand is finally out in our community, we have donated to non-profits and schools in an effort to give back, we have seen our first ever T2 Division 2 signee 🙂 and lastly, we saw our precious Noah turn 4 months. The point of that was to tell you…. in 6 short months we have been impacted in so many ways and made so memories. This is only the beginning and we are excited to see what the future holds. We are grateful for the relationships we have built in the last six months. The friendships we have made and the athletes who walk in with smiles on their face ready to work is something that drives T2 to be the best and work the hardest. Everyone who works for T2 has another full-time job, another family, and other priorities… but we all show up and work hard to help all of our athletes achieve a dream… whether thats throwing their first runner out at second, hitting their first homerun, or signing to play collegiate softball…every dream is different..we are just grateful to be apart of it! Cheers to another six wonderful months and as always..


Stay tuned for an announcement on 10U and 12U tryout dates for the fall. 



T2 Facility is OPEN

And…. WE ARE OPEN!!!

The facility is up and running and we see girls in there everyday! If you walk in, at any time, all cages are being used, music pumping, and athletes working hard! What a feeling! Something that started as a dream for us, is now a reality and we are able to help so many young girls and families! This is just the beginning!

We have just added speed and agility which will start Tuesday, March 14! If interested please let us know! It will be on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 6:00pm. If you are a T2 athlete it is $5/session. If you are not, it is $10/session.

We now have three T2 travel teams, 12U, 14U, and 16U which is really exciting!! Our coaches come from around the Triad and I am so proud of them. Our 12U coaches are myself and Noemi Rodriguez. She won a National Champions at Miami Dade College in Miami, Florida. Our 14U coaches are Alysia Stewart, she played for Belmont Abbey and Mandi Ballard, who is currently playing for Greensboro College. Our 16U coaches are Emily Pierce, who is the head softball coach at Holly Springs HS and Kendall McKinney, who played for Mt. Olive. We have put together some amazing women who are excited to help all of our athletes reach the next level! It is so awesome to see!

In other news, Shaina had her baby… Noah King Dabbs.. who is now a month old. Wow, a month already!! He is amazing… is holding his head up, has already rolled over, and has show us all what it truly means to love!! He will be our biggest fan and for that, we are forever grateful. Sha will slowly be working her way back to the facility and now we can say, we have the youngest owner of T2… Noah!!

None of this would have been possible without the love of our family and friends… and we did this for you.. the little girl out there who has never picked up a ball to the young lady who hit her first homerun! Ladies, young or older, beginner or more experienced…



Miranda and Shaina

What an Amazing Fall!

WOW!!! What a wonderful fall it has been for T2 and all of our athletes! We have seen our first athlete commit to her dream school, we have seen an athlete travel across the country to pursue her dream to play in college, we have seen young girls grow more than we could have ever imagined! We wanted to take this time to thank you for the support, thank you for letting us live our dreams of passing along this amazing sport, and most of all..thank you for the laughs, fun times, and memories. I believe 2017 is going to be an amazing year for us.. we are welcoming the first baby in the family… we are starting a travel ball organization to help our athletes reach their goals and dreams, our athletes are striving in school, their sport, and life…. and we are loving every minute! Let’s enjoy the ride! Until 2017…. keep swinging for the moon because even if you miss.. you’ll land amongst the stars!!


Miranda and Shaina!

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First Clinic=Success and FUN!

Our first clinic just finished last night and what a great time it was! We had the opportunity to meet some amazing young ladies who are focused and excited to learn the game of softball. Not only did they come every week with a smile on their face but with the intentions of getting better! That is why we do this.

The one thing we have learned from this group of young ladies is that they want to be the best versions of themselves with everything they do. The way they hustled to pick up balls, cheered each other on, or had intent focus.. we learned that they are something special! We cannot wait to see what’s next.

T2 Softball Training Fall Clinic

Stay tuned for more T2 clinics, group lessons, and team opportunities!


Miranda and Shaina

The Beginning of a Dream

What better way to launch your business then to start with your first blog post? We wanted you to get a sense of who we are and our mission for T2 Softball Training. Shaina and I are twin sisters that have been nearly inseparable since we were born. The one thing that Shaina and I loved more than anything was when we were on the field together. We started playing softball at the age of 6 and the game started as slow pitch. All we knew was that we loved the smell of the grass, sliding in the dirt, and the beauty the game had to offer us. As we were growing up, the game turned into Fastpitch Softball and what an amazing change that was. Shaina decided she wanted to pitch and of course who would end up catching for her? Me! Of course I didn’t mind because I wanted her to be the best she could. We always had our mom right there to push us as we were growing up. Have you ever heard these words, go hit a little longer off the tee or did you practice long toss? She was and still is our biggest supporter.

Now, present day, we were blessed to be the first two recruits to start the program at NC State. Wow, sometimes we wonder why us? We have an amazing respect for the work and time it takes to excel at the next level. We have spent countless hours, sacrificed vacations, and traveled the world all in the name of softball. We both have coached at various collegiate levels and want to use our knowledge and love for the game to help you reach your dreams. See, we have had our chance to travel the world, play the best competition, coach against some of the greatest coaches in our game…now it is your turn. We decided to start T2 Softball Training together because we have always shared this game and there is no one I would rather do this with then Shaina.

T2 Softball Training is not just a place to learn the skills of softball but to learn what it takes mentally to reach the next level, to learn how to reach out to collegiate coaches to where you are really seen, and we want to teach young inspiring athletes that there is no dream to big and if you are willing to work hard, there is nothing you can’t achieve.

We hope you are as excited as we are to create greatness everywhere we go! Now is the time to dream big!